Old Testament Examples of Repentance

First Thoughts

      A. Video- "Broken"

      B. The word repentance means brokenness, I'm sorry, I need to change. 

            Repentance starts with genuine sorrow & regretting but it doesn't stop

            there.  Repentance means to regret and to change.  If there is no change,

            then there has been no true repentance.  Repentance is a godly sorrow

            that leads to change.  The best definition of repentance is a turning

            from sin and a turning to God

      C. To help us understand repentance here are  3 Old Testament Examples of


I. Scriptures

      A. II Chronicles 7:13,14

            1. Humble themselves- surrender to God and deny yourself to God

            2. Pray- plea for God's mercy

            3. Seek God's face- a desperate plea for our only possible hope of


            4. Turn from their wicked ways- OT word for repentance

            5. God will hear from heaven

            6. God will forgive sin

            7. God will heal our land

            Note:  when trouble comes from our sins, humble repentance leads to


      B. Psalm 32:1-11

                  Vs. 1&2-The blessedness of forgiveness- the 4 fold blessing. 

                  Vs. 3&4- Hiding from God- nothing but pain, sadness & weakness

                  Vs. 5- Repentance means- brokenness, honesty, confession,

                        forgiveness, clean conscience, no guilt

                  Vs. 6-11- Come now while you can- hide in God for protection &

                        safety- don't hide from God- come voluntarily, trust in God & in

                        His love- rejoice and sing because things are right in your heart!

                  Note:  Keeping silent is dishonest- thinking we can deceive God.  The

                        Lord cannot admit or confess sin for us- we have to do that.  When

                        we are silent, we have inner pain- a loss of strength- depression-

                        no escape day or night- no release.  Confession brings immediate

                        release.  Forgiveness brings a clear conscience.

                  Vs. 5- lifting away guilt is like lifting a crushing weight that has pinned

                        us down.

                  Vs. 6-7- an urgency to repent- God is our hiding place- our protection.

                  Vs. 8-10- repent voluntarily- not by force like a horse or mule

                  Vs. 11- the righteous are not sinless but ones who confess sins- joy

                        praise & singing!

                  Note:  Don't make Christians hide their sin- let them confess & then

                        help them recover.  The 5th step of AA says, "Admit to God, to

                        ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our

                        wrongs."  We need a support group or community to continue our

                        recovery.  Don't make sinners hide!  Set them free!                    

      C. Psalm 51:1-19

                  II Sam. 11 & 12- King David- coveting, theft, adultery, murder,

                        conspiracy to cover up- 5 of the 10 commandments broken in one


                  II Sam. 12- conviction of sin- "I have sinned"

                  Ps. 51- confession of sin

                  Vs. 1& 2- pleading with God- cleanse me- forgive me.

                  Vs. 3-6- David states the facts

                  Vs. 7-9- more pleas for forgiveness

                  Vs. 10-19- After confession comes restoration

                  Vs. 10-13- 6 prayers & a promise

                  Vs. 14- prayer & a promise

                  Vs. 15- prayer & a promise

                  Vs. 16 & 17- David states more facts

                  Vs. 18 & 19- final prayer & a promise

            Note:  Ps. 51 is an outpouring from King David of facts & feelings, pleas &

                  promises from the heart & mind of a poet & a musician       

                  Vs. 3- "I know my transgressions"- the woman he stole, the innocent

                        man he had murdered, God that he turned his back on

                  Vs. 17- God wants a broken spirit and a contrite heart

                  Pleading- have mercy, blot out, cleanse me, wash me, restore to me,

                        save me, open my lips

                  What David will do- teach sinners your ways, sing of your

                        righteousness, declare your praise

                  Vs. 7- Hyssop- branches- sprinkling for ceremonial cleansing

                  Whiter than snow- symbol of cleansing

                  Vs. 10-12- inner renewal to restore his relationship with God

                  Vs. 13-17- public acts of repentance

                  Vs. 16 & 17- God wants inward change- brokenness

                  Vs. 18 & 19- righteous sacrifices- inner attitude being right

            Note:  confession of sin requires transparency- sin still has its

                  consequences- true restoration & recovery cannot happen without a

                  true spiritual relationship with God.  Only God can produce a clean

                  heart.  Confessing our sins & receiving forgiveness of sins help us

                  help others to find God and be forgiven of their sins.

II. Action Items

      A. Honest evaluations- "I can't stop myself.  I need God's help to change"

            Alcohol, drugs, critical judging spirit, depression, mad at God, self-

            control- food, money, lust, language, thought

      B. Accountability to change- AA or CR, Life Groups, Mentor or

            accountability partner, go to counseling or rehab

Final Thoughts

      A. How do you need to turn from sin and turn to God?

      B. I John 1:9

      C. Acts 3:19

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